Fort Saskatchewan, CA

Elk Island Retreat

Elk Island Retreat is a beautiful serene private campground and is the perfect place to relax and unwind.
Whether a world traveler or living local you’ll want to check out this little hide-away. A variety of camping opportunities are offered such as our comfort glamping in geodesic domes and yurts. Elk Island National Park is just a hop, skip and jump away from where you can spend the day hiking, canoeing, and perchance spotting bison and other wildlife.


– Mini Fridge with freezer
– Fireplace gas heater,
– Covered barbecue,
– Washbasin, dish soap, dishcloth & tea towel,
– Picnic table,
– Fire pit,
– 1 bundle of birch firewood included in the rate,
– and much more!

What to do at Elk Island Retreat?

– Elk Island National Park,
– Ukrainian Heritage Cultural Village,
– Visit the city of Fort Saskatchewan or Edmonton,
– Visit Jurassic Forest

Where is Elk Island Retreat Located?

Located about 20 minutes east (take Twp.Rd. 550) of the City of Fort Saskatchewan, 10 minutes straight south of Bruderheim, and about 40 minutes east of Edmonton.